Friday, October 13, 2006

This is IsawaTsujice, from Chapel Hill.

I got in line at the Gamestop in the University Mall in Chapel Hill at 8:10, and was number 4. The manager of GS gave a friend in line 12 sheets on paper with a list of everything Wii-related that could be reserved at 10pm. He was to give each sheet to the first 12 people in line. By 9:30, all 12 sheets were out. There were 4 parents there for their children, and even one girlfriend waiting in line for her significant other (although she did want to play WarioWare, she told me). All others who came later were turned away, which by 10:20 was about 15 people.

The first guys in line had been there since 6am, and I talked with them for a while. It turns out they are programmers for Octagon, and they had a beta version of Bikermice From Mars. They let me know a couple of things about the release: NOA has approved the US version, and it hopefully should be out mid December for Christmas. The NOE and NOJ versions are being pushed to fit that same release, but it doesn't look likely. The NOE version is still being beta tested for the various languages in the region.

I watched him play for a while, and I have to say, it look very good. A basic side scroller with some various weapons. Think Battletoads, but without the hammer fists and with guns. The highlight is the biking missions. Overall, I think it is worth borrowing from a friend or renting.


Chris Barbera
gonintendo reader

Just wanted to share my Wii preorder experience.

I was first to arrive at my local EB Games in Audbon, NJ. It was about 7:30 AM and chilly. I have to say I was surprised because I expected at least some other people to be there, but I was all alone until about 9:00AM when the second person arrived (glad I was armed with my DS).

By the time the store manager arrived, the line had grown to 8 people. After counting the heads in line he informed us that he would only have 8 systems available? CRAZY!. As new people lined up, they were quickly turned away in dissapointment. Anyway, since I was number 1 in line, the manager told me he would put a note in the system, so that if he comes up short on units, I'm guaranteed to have one.

I have to say I really enjoyed the company of all the other Nintendo fans in line. Everyone was really nice and fun to talk to. There was a mix of parents, and older students. One was even a local police officer.

Overall I think it was a success. I feel bad for alot of the people who were turned away even though they were early. Hopefully the other big retailers will have enough stock for the unlucky ones.


GoNintendo Reader Hero

I am from the Chicago southside where the weather is freakin’ coooooold! People camped over-night to be one of the lucky 14 to get a pre-order. It was a blast. I met a lot of cool people: 90% of them were ex-PS3 fans. I never had camped out for a new console before and would do it again in a heat-beat, even if the weather was worse (or maybe it’s the flu setting in).


GoNintendo Reader AnimalXingAddict

I got my Wii preordered today at my local EB Games! W00t! When I reserved mine there were only 3 left. They got 32 in and there were about 30 people lined up at store opening time. I didn't reserve mine until about 12:30 - about 2 1/2 hours after opening time. When I went back later this afternoon to ask about GameStop credit (they don't know if they're taking it yet or not) there was a guy in front of me (probably about your age.) that asked for a Wii. They had none. I grinned behind him :p They had sold the last one 20 minutes before this guy asked. I also asked them when the Wii demo kiosks are coming in, and they said that their Nintendo rep told them the end of the month. Love all the Wii preorder stories on the site!


GoNintendo Reader Jeff

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about my lovely time waiting to get a wii preorder. I live in Bellevue, Washington (A Kiddy corner from Nintendo of America :D) and woke up at 5 this morning to get in line for the Wii. When we got there, there were already 8 people in line ahead of us. We sat down, all played some games on DS for a while and by about 8AM, the line had doubled. We now had about 18-20 people waiting in line. Fox News came and filmed us for a while and asked us what was going on. Everyone of course shouted "WII!!!!!" It was pretty funny. About 30 minutes before they opened the doors (9:30AM) there were close to 60 people waiting in line. Suddenly, the doors opened at 9:58AM. A young guy walked out and told everyone who was buying a Wii to raise their hands. Hands went up like crazy. He started counting off people and telling them to lower their hands. He got to the 29th person and goes "You're the last. Everyone else can go home." 30-some people walked off defeated. he then told us to line up and start heading in. We could reserve a crapload of games. Lots of games had earlier than system launch release dates. I'm talking November 4th and what not. We were told that we will be the first from the store to get a hold of a wii but it didn't mean we'd get it launch day for sure but most likely we would. 29 Lucky individuals got a hold of their ticket to the wii. Now I'm at work making video games and I'm tired as hell. Hope you guys enjoy the story.


GoNintendo Reader AlreadystandinginlineatWalmart

I, foolishly it seems, decided to go to Spanish class at OSU this morning. The Gamestop is right off Campus and when I arrived out of breath and panting at 10:40 am I was told to scurry back home like a mangy weasle.

The head order taker informed me that I was too late, that they sold out of their allotment of a meager fifteen units in just a few minutes.

This is all very upsetting to me. When I first contacted Gamestop a little over a month ago, they told me that if I preordered a game I would get a phone call to come in and do a preorder.

If I had known they wee going to mass email the whole planet and they were only going to have fifteen units, I wouldn't even have bothered.


GoNintendo Reader Tri4ceCubed

It was so much easier than usual to roll out of bed today... so easy in fact, that I got out of bed 5 minutes before my usual 7:00 alarm. After a shower and a granola bar, I headed on down to GameStop and arrived at about 7:35. I was the third person in line. I was quite surprised by who showed up, and I am more encouraged than ever before that Nintendo is doing this right.

The first guy in line had been there since 4:00. He sported a thick graying beard and was probably somewhere in his 40s. He was actually a gamer though, because he had a 360 and his PSP battery had already died. Actually though, he wasn't really convinced about the Wii... he was pre-ordering it for his wife, who had already put money down on Zelda.

The second person, who had been there since 7:00, was an elementary school teacher, probably about the same age as the first guy. She was pre-ordering Wii for her daughter, who is a senior in high school. She was pretty cool actually, and I had a good conversation with her because she was obviously pretty well informed (and interested) about what was going on even though she is clearly not the main gamer of the household.

The fourth and fifth people were both women buying Wii for 13-year-old boys. The first had saved up money by mowing all summer long and the second was going to be a Christmas present.

When the employee came to get the store ready at about 8:30, she commented that the PS3 line didn't even begin until after she had arrived on Tuesday! By the time the store opened at about 9:50 (they opened a few minutes early... it was freezing anyway) there were probably about 12 people in line. That's pretty good for this size of town I would suspect. About half of those arrived just before the store opened, so I didn't really get to hear their stories. One woman who looked like she was in her 30s was buying it for her brother way out in New Mexico, who couldn't make it today for a pre-order. I have no clue how he's gonna get it, though! It looked like most of those people were there to pre-order Wii for someone else... when the store opened, there were about two more guys in their 20s, who I assume were getting it for themselves.

A few more notes though, about some feedback I received. First of all, those Ubi-Soft games are gonna sell. One woman had already pre-ordered GT Pro Series for her son, and was considering Monster 4x4. That first old guy, who was getting it for his wife, added Splinter Cell to his console pre-order (*gasp* when he could've gotten it for his 360 with better graphics!). People were also keen on hearing the technical details from me. I told them that 512 is plenty of space for starters and that they can wait on an SD card. They also were interested in the different controller types... the one woman who had already pre-ordered GT Pro Series knew her son would love the steering wheel, and that's also the reason she was thinking about Monster 4x4. I told them to not pay for the classic controller just yet and pick it up on launch day, since there's some chance the free controller (with 5000 Wii points) might happen here as well as in Japan. They wanted to know what multiplayer games could be played with just the remote because it's too much to buy the nunchuck at a $60 total all at once. One woman was interested in Super Swing Golf because she enjoys Hot Shots.

Some interesting stuff and some interesting reactions. It's not all about Zelda. Third parties are gonna sell games. And people you wouldn't expect to know anything actually do know what the system is about. In short, after today, I'm more excited than ever. Barely more than a month remains!

Oh, and they're doing a MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! WOOOOOO!!! I mean... Wiiiiiiii!!!

GoNintendo Reader Roody


I didn't get to take my camera, but I got a writeup of what went down here in PA.

I scrambled to get there, quickly grabbing my DS Lite and a handful of games. As we arrived late, at only 9:30 am, I luckily caught number 11 out of 12. Beside me were a bunch of Nintendo fans like myself, a mom with her 3-year-old, and another mother who was doing it for her son who was in school. She asked me alot about the system and the games, and I happily obliged, telling all about its feature without overloading her. She sounded genuinely interested in it. Some other interesting people showed up in line, like a guy who looked like he just got out of his doctor's office. Wearing a bright white coat and a ID clip on his pocket listing his title, he asked how many people could be in line. Sadly, we informed him that all 12 had been lined up already. He thanked us and said he'd try the other GameStop nearby. Another guy asked us if we were waiting for the new Playstation. We told him we were here for the new Nintendo Wii. He gave us a weird look then said, "Haha, Wii. That's a funny name," before walking off. Later as the store opened, a dad with his son also came in as we were paying and asked if he could buy a Wii. The manager told him that this was the line for preorders and told him that sadly they didn't have any more spots. "It's out November 19th. You might be able to preorder it elsewhere, bud."

So they let us in at 10, we quickly ordered our stuff. I put down all the money necessary on the Wii and Twilight Princess. I'll be getting an extra controller later, since I'm currently on a tight budget. The manager was pretty kind, and I walked out happily with my receipt in hand. Now to count down the days until launch.


GoNintendo Reader Ninfanboy1217

Let me set the mood… It was a cold and windy, but sunny day in Illinois. I have been preparing for this for the past two weeks. I went to my local Gamestop last night at 7:00 to make sure that there would be enough. The employee told me that there would be enough for everyone, so a preorder would not be necessary. Realizing that this would not be true, I took the day off of school and I decided that I would sleep in. I woke up at 9:30, took a shower, had a granola bar, and got into my car. I arrived at Gamestop (Crestwood, IL) at 10:10 and got out of my car. To my surprise, there was no line. I went into the store and found 4 people in the store and myself. I waited in line and then there was a girl that was near the GBA counter who got in line after me. She got the first Wii reserve and she was in line for games. She told me that they were not taking anymore preorders and the woman in front of me was the last one. I asked the clerk if this was true and he said yes. Keep in mind this is the same clerk that I have been talking to for the past three weeks. I asked how many the store got and he said that they only had six. All he could say was sorry. With my spirits knocked down a little bit, I decided that I was not going to go to work until I had a receipt in my hand. I dashed into my car and I decided that I was going to go to Chicago Ridge Mall. I started to get into the tollway lane and I realized that I did not have $.80, I only had $.60 in my car. I also remembered that the mall had a list of people that already reserved games and that they were going to call the people on the list first. I quickly changed lanes and realized that I had three more options for getting a receipt. I dashed down Cicero down to 115th street. It is now 10:25. I made it down to 115th and Kedzie in about 5 minutes. I made it to another Gamestop that I frequent. I went in and realized that the person in front of me would be the last reserve. This store also received only 6. Fate landed another fatal blow to my fragile dreams, but I would not give up, I had 2 more places to look. I made it to another Gamestop (at 99th and Western in Chicago, IL) that was about 3 miles away, but also closer to my train. I went inside and asked the clerk if I could reserve a Wii. The clerk kind of hesitated and then said that I could. I was so relieved that I was shaking and I told him my days events as I was entering in my PIN. The time is now 10:50 and I was the 3rd to last person to make a reserve. I was afraid that they would be gone because it was already an hour since the store opened and the store was in a heavily populated child area. I also traded in games after I got my reserve. I traded in games to get an additional 30% of credit towards another Wiimote. I was able to make my 11:20 train and I started to write this when I got into work. I hope other people were able to reserve a Wii, just with better luck than I did.


GoNintendo Reader Fer

Just wanted to tell of my Wii pre-ordering experience. I live in Cheney, Wa (Eastern Washington all the way!) and the nearest Gamestop is 20 minutes away in Spokane. I thought since the Wii had such a larger launch than the PS3 that I could be a few
minutes late to reserving one. The mall here opens at 10, i arrived at 10:07. When I got there, the line was 5 people long so I thought that I was a shoe in. The manager comes from behind the store, counts people then stops in front of me then says “Sorry, looks like you are not getting a Wii”. I asked him to call some of the other stores, which he did. The ENTIRE Spokane Area is gone already. Each store only received 12-14 Wii’s. Luckily I had my mom back at my hometown go to Gamecrazy and reserve one there for no money down. I am 15th in line for the Wii there. Anyway, gotta get back to my job. Catcha later!


GoNintendo Reader Eric

Been doing a lot of research on the various Gamestops/EB's to get a good idea of what store was the best (there are 10 a 25 mile radius). While various locales said they couldn't release specific allotment numbers, I was lucky to get one store that said the one in Altamonte Springs in the AS Mall was the one with the most, 30 or so set to be filled. So I woke up at 7:30am, my master plan beingI would get to the mall, which would be closed, and play my DS until a few people showed up, and shove my way through top
of the line. On the way, I passed an EB that had about 5 people outside as of 7:45am. Well, I found out that since there are so many older people here in FL, they have coined the term "mallwalker" and actually had the mall open at 8am to let old people just walk around! So I got to walk right in, and went up to the EB games, where I only found 2 people in front of me. An hour of Link to the Past, WoW South Park talk, and 120 bucks later, and I had my Wii! I was third in line thankfully. I preordered the system, 2 additional Wiimotes/Nunchucks, Zelda, a Classic Controller and Rayman. It was great. They also said that they will give out systems based on the order you preordered, so no camping necessary. The countdown to launch begins!


GoNintendo reader Joe

Well i arrived at 9:45 a.m. before opening at my local gamestop in Longisland, NY there were like 8 people there but then rite around 10:00 before we went in about 13 more came by. My store only had 14 systems to go aorund so i was lucky number 9. It was also confirmed by a friend of mine another gamestop not to far from were i was at was jammed pack with over 50 or more people in line he said. Wow looks like Nintendo has a huge winner here :-)


GoNintendo reader Kyrigo

If you haven't heard of all the snow that has hit Buffalo, NY in a huge freak storm that has recently been going on.. well, there's about
two feet of snow, 400,000 people without power and it's not looking like there will be power for another 3-5 days. The thru-way is closed from North of Buffalo all the way south to Dunkirk, NY then all the way west to Rochester, NY.

With that being said, one of the view stores open in Buffalo, NY is a Gamestop, Tops Grocery Store, Tim Horton's and a couple other stores. This is more so in Orchard Park, NY a suburb south of Buffalo, where the Bills play. Well, even though there is a driving ban, there has certainly been some ENTHUSIASTIC gamers! The store wasn't even guaranteed to be open but it actually opened. The manager there stated that they've only had two sales. Now, don't forget, sales don't count reserves! Even in the state of emergency, this store managed to fill ALL the Wii slots!

My hat goes off to all those gamers, but maybe next time we won't have to go out into the blizzard.


GoNintendo Reader Mister Disco
This one's from Colorado Springs, CO.

The store manager at my favorite Gamestop said they would have 12 preorder slots today, and advised my wife and I to show up early, which we did. 5:30 AM was the earliest I could drag her there, and she was convinced nobody would be there waiting. She was wrong, as a pair of stout fellows had been there since Midnight. That probably would have been me, as well, had I been able to convince my wife to give up her beauty sleep, but she was just as excited as me about it.

So we were number 3 in line by 5:40 AM. A sign on the door said they only had 6 (!!!) preorder slots, and not to line up past that. It was incredibly cold, even for me (as a Pokemon I guess you'd classify me as Water/Ice type), so I tried to play my DS through thick gloves and eventually gave up in favor of my GBA SP, while our two companions played shivering rounds of bowling in Clubhouse Games on their DS Lites. Those two were decked out in extra sets of pants, layered clothes and jackets, and even face masks. It had frosted over last night so everything was freezing, especially the concrete. Neither of the two campers had slept in 24 hours, apparently. I felt pretty satisfied with my four hours sleep at that moment.

By 7 AM we had more people showing up, a couple younger than my wife and I, and the Wii was surprisingly for the female. She was very intent on getting it, while her boyfriend complained about how much his PSP sucked. We laughed at him with our portables in hand. Got into a discussion about Nintendo and swapping stories when three more people showed up. We now had the full allocation already, and it wasn't even 8 AM yet.

Around 8, Tomas, the store manager arrived, joking about there being a mistake and their location only getting one Wii reserve, which stopped many hearts. He also noted they had two more than they originally thought, so the allocation was bumped up to 8 systems. The other four had been employee reserves. We had to turn around at least a dozen people trying to get in, many of whom said they'd already been to the 5 other Gamestop/EBs in the city, and all of them were full up just like us. It warmed my heart to see so many people after the Wii.

Around 9 AM, after having rousing conversations about Dragon Quest, Zelda, and many other games, Tomas came outside and played a trivia game with us for some swag, which sadly was not Nintendo swag. After getting several answers right, I stepped back to let some others have a chance, but I landed some nice stuff (including a set of Dragon Quest keychains and a Tales of the Abyss art cell). Most of them were easy for any Nintendo fan to answer (Who created Mario, etc). It was fun and loosened us up from the cold. He also handed out lists of preorder games and accessories for the Wii.

At 10 AM he opened the store and we got inside and landed our reserves. Obviously the game of choice was Zelda, but, like me, most were also getting Red Steel. Surpising amount of people also interested in Trauma Center.

It went very smoothly, and they took care of us quickly while answering 20+ phone calls about the Wii Preorders (or lack thereof - Sorry guys and gals!)

Now, with ticket in hand I can't wait for the Midnight launch!!


GoNintendo Reader Mavsman

Unfortunately I could not go myself, because of school. However both of my parents had the day off work so I sent my mom to brave the elements and try to preorder me a Wii.

Everyone knows how gamestop employees are, so they preyed on my mom's ignorance to everything video games. They actually talked her into preordering Zelda TP (nothing wrong with that, just saying) and a classic controller (this one I don't really need at the moment, so i'll probably change it towards a normal controller)

Anyways, my store only had 8 spots so she got there right at 10 am. She said there were only 2 people on front of her, so we got the #3 spot on the list.

Everything went fine, but shame on those gamestop employees for talking my mom into preordering that extra stuff. I know I can change it, and I was definitely going to buy Zelda:TP anyways, but that's just wrong!


GoNintendo reader Shigeru

Well you've been hearing all lucky stories all days about campers. But here is one from a fan who has followed nintendo "revolution" days to nintendo wii days from day one. As a loyal Nintendo Only lifelong fan I have been crossing my fingers for what it is to go down on judgment day of November 19th.
Blame it on luck, blame it on school, blame it on campers, blame it on gamestop, the blame goes everywhere but my story isn't one with cold and camping. Mine is one to share with those who didn't and can't get there hands on a preorder. As Shigeru in GoNintendo IRC I was talking to them and how Plan A for them was today, preorders at there local stores. Well that plan failed for me when I came to realize the 4 nearby gamestops/eb games were sold out at the early hours of opening with only about 10 for preorders. So with 36 days till launch you can imagine me too be a nervous wreck, for something I have been following so closley, anticapting so much, saving for I don't even want to think ofthe dawn of November and the condition I will be in.
Well heres where I find the light, and where all those who are unlucky like me may as well. Phase Two/Plan B is a little thing that I like to call the internet and preordering, cross off your list because that won't happen, but other mega sites be on the lookout for. This is where it seems safe enough as long as we get a heads up about it, but beware online preordering will be even as brutal or more so as in store preordering.
Now may me introduce Plan C/Phase Three this is the danger, worst case scenerio. This is NOT where I want to be at November 19th. This is rummaging into lines, camping, hiding out, doing everything in power to get a Nintendo Wii on the crazy launch day this includes the following...Checking the 20 Local Gamestores, Best Buy, Circuit, City, Target, and for those who live in range such as me Nintendo World which is the ABSOLUTE LAST PLACE I want to be. Nintendo World for all NYers will be a death trap, so try local stores before even thinking of Nintendo World. Any local malls, or places remember don't wait it will only get harder.
This other step is for the limted few who have family in other states, if you live on the east coast (such as me) and have family out in the west coast. You may want to call them up with you spread out between two coasts your chances are multiplyed to secure a copy of the system.
This last step is for anybody and everyone in the US of A, now I have been following the Wii constantly we are the first to get it which means we are lucky enough to be able to depend on online sites for a December 8th Wii. Now Region Locked is so confused in my mind and I am not sure if it is or isn't anymore. They contridacted themselve's countless times. But if it isn't click your mouse over to a Europe website and place your order for a late Wii. We don't know how long it will take to get another Wii shipment out in America so this may be the only hope. Unless your willing to wait till Early 2007 worst case Spring.
Well if you were able to get it consider yourselves HIGHLY LUCKY, if you weren't I feel your pain and take my advice. While the people who pre-order it get to relax for a easy trip though this month to Nov 19th, we will be getting more and more nervous each and every passing day. This is our ill fate and I wish all those who will get screwed over with pre-orders, won't get online deliverys sent out, get unlikely or rare glitched systems, face a money crisis, have there pre-orders given away, run store to store to secure a copy, fail to pre-order online, and those camping....Good luck and God Speed for you and me both.


GoNintendo reader AlexI know all of your columns have been "Yay I got a Wii!"-centric, here's a story of melancholy and disapointment.

"Wii-ly Pissed Off"
Young Little Alex had been looking forward to reserving his Wii since it was first announced as The Revolution.
Day after day he scowered the internet in search of more and more Wii-news. Each day more of his time
was devoted to the console, his mind could barely contain his excitement for such an awesome sounding [and looking]
console. Each day was filled with joyous optimism of the day he could finally get his hands on a Wii. He knew it'd be soft
and shiny, and feel good in his hand. But then 'the day' came, where the Wii Preorder would dawn. He knew he had a big
exam, but he decided he would try to take it early and then speed over to his local GameStop or EB Games. So he took his test.
Minutes dragged into hours, the hours seemed like lifetimes. Then at 9:53 he was finished. He sprinted to his car which was nearly
a half mile away due to his local Universities unsatiable desire for money.

He arrived at his car, and he jumped in, started the ignition and zoomed down to his local GameStop. It was 9:58 and he arrived at the mall, after nearly going 100 on the expressway, but it didn't matter, he was going to get a Wii. His heart pounded as the clock turned 9:59, and thought of when he reserved The Legend of Zelda three years before, and he was the 2nd on the preorder list for the game. He thought about what great times he would have playing Tennis, frolicking in Hyrulian Woods, and how swiftly he would cut down his enemies in Red Steel. As this thought passed, he took a short cut into the mall that no one knew about, and as he got through it, saw the massive crowd running for the chain linked doors. He ran as fast as he could, praying that we could be able to get one. He felt good about his place in line, but was still nervous in anticipation. As the GameStop employee ushered in the crowd, he heard two friends infront of him say such things like "I can't wait to play this on Christmas" and "I'm buying Cars". These very words cut him to the heart, and then the words, "I'm sorry sir, you're number 17". His local GameStop had only gotten 16 Consoles.
So defeated, he returned home, sullen, defeated, broken. He called store after store, but still....No Wii's.


GoNintendo reader OutlawMoogle

Whoever said Friday the 13th was an unlucky day? I headed out to my EB at 9:00. When I got there, there was already a crowd of people outside the store and an unofficial list started since the security guard said we weren't allowed to make lines. When the EB employee came out to talk to us, they gave him the list and we all agreed that it would be ok to follow it. Well, the store only had 25 Wiis and I was number 29. Two people didn't show up when they started calling names, which made me number 27; still no luck. The EB employee called the Gamestop down the street in the mall, who said that they barely had any line. But what would I do; my ride left already!

Luckily, a friend of mine from high school had also gone down there with his friend, who was one above me on the list. We all ran to the parking lot, hopped in his car, and drove down to the mall. When we got there, maybe only 10 people were hanging out in front of the store. The employee came out soon after to hand out numbers, and 15 of us lucky Nintendo fans got our tickets to reserve our Wii. If my friend hadn't been at the EB I first went to, I never would have had a ride to get to the mall in time.


GoNintendo Reader Dave

Well I must admit it was a bit easier than having to wait like everyone else did. I was an employee of an EB Games and luckily our company was kind enough to set a few systems reservation slots for employees who want the system just as much as everyone else does. I more or less want to let you know that I will be KEEPING my system to play till I'm blue in the face. When I got to play it at fusion tour, and when GoNintendo kept me informed every single day about anything I possibly want to know about Nintendo or the Wii I made my decision long ago that this was going to be my Christmas Treat. Oh, and all the people waiting (about 12 or so) were all very cool, and excited about the Wii it was a great sight to see. Even a few people with their DS Lites playing outside the store.

I'm a true fanboy of Nintendo this was my list of everything I decided to put down today. 1 Wii Game Console, 2 Nunchuck Attachments, 2 Wii Remotes, 2 Wii Points Cards (2000), 1 SD Memory Card 1Gig, 1 Classic Controller, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, Red Steel, Trauma Center, and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. Its not going to be cheap but I'll pay whatever it takes to get what I want for my system and to ensure they have a sucessful launch. Thank you GoNintendo for all your information and help over the last few months, the hard part is out of the way and now in a little over a month we will all know what it feels like to "control" the way we have fun.